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Coaching Female Tennis Players

Coaches have to understand a wide range of very specific issues in training female tennis players. There are many differences between male and female players but when you see tennis coaches training male and female tennis players, very few differences can be seen.

Technical and tactical differences both in terms of power and performance usually can be seen between female stroke production and male stroke production.

Points the coach has to take into account while training female tennis players.

  1. The coach’s coaching philosophy is main factor of improving female tennis players.
  2. The performance of a player will be achieved only by proper training with neat progressions, timely evaluations and complete feedback to the players because female players are very sensitive and emotional.
  3. A positive and basic principles of training to be adopted and constantly look for ways to improve the training by giving proper teaching aids.
  4. Too much of praise and repeatedly criticism will always have a negative impact on the players performance , keeping this in mind the coach has to be very diplomatic to handle these situations.
  5. Female players are physically weak compare to male players but there way of understanding the things is far better than male players so the coach has to make the things and corrective methods very clear.
  6. Any instructions given to female players should always with respect and politeness as they are very emotional and females react with more sensitivity.

Coach should always encourage the female players to develop self reliance and independence as these qualities will help them to develop their game style, Coach should be always there to listen, understand and provide as much as help as they go through the challenge of putting together the complete package of becoming the tennis player.

ETA Programme to Step towards Professional Tennis

Intensive Training Camp for Tournament Players
It covers training in four major areas.

  • Physical fitness.
  • Technical Corrections.
  • Tactical Corrections.
  • Match play.


 Players between 10 to 14 years – One-hour fitness

  •              Two hours technical drills and corrections in group,
  •              One hour tactical drills with senior coach.
  •              Complete feedback with match play on daily basis.
  •              Weekly two (one to one lesson with senior coach)

Fees per week for below 14 years Rs. 8000/- per week.

Fees per month for below 14 Years Rs. 30000/-per month

 Players above 14 years

  •               One hour twenty mins fitness daily which includes
  •               (Speed, Agility, Endurance and strength)
  •               Total six hours of Technical correction and drills per week.
  •               20 hours of Tactical drills per week.
  •               Match play weekly thrice.
  •               Four one to one lesson with senior coach.

Fees per week for Above 14 years Rs. 10000/- per week.

Fees per month for Above 14 Years Rs. 40000/-per month

Call Now to register

Mobible: +91-9632229494, +91-9972135308

Tennis Carnival and Workshop at Decathalon, Sarjapur

Elite tennis academy will be conducting Tennis Carnival for kids of age groups from 4 to 10 yrs.

Venue:                  Decathalon Sarjapur.

 Date and Time:   26 and 27 March 2016.

                              4Pm to 6pm One hour each.

Last date of registration – 20 Mar 2016

Please mail following details

Name,  Age, School,  Playing experience, Contact details …

 For Registration mail at :

Event Conducted by International Tennis Federation and United State Tennis Professional Qualified Coaches

Coaching at the Elite Tennis Academy is under the direction of RAJESHWAR SINGH PATHANIA and RAFIK PURATI, RAJESHWAR SINGH PATHANIA was previously head coach of INDIAN AIR FORCE AND SERVICES TENNIS TEAM for a period of ten years, the Head coach at CHANDIGARGH TENNIS ASSOCIATION , DIRECTOR OF COACHING at BANGALORE TENNIS ACADEMY and a former national player with extensive playing and coaching experience of 20 years, while Rafik Purati was head coach at Bangalore Tennis Academy , former ITF and National Player , having the coaching experience of ten years, travelling coach and practice partner for ITF players.

Kids need to carry racket , water bottle and snacks

Those who are playing first time need not to bring the racket.



This two days program includes complete evaluation in following fields

Coordination, fitness, Technical corrections and few match play or Tactical evaluation.

Coordination includes hand eye coordination, bouncing, catching and fun games.

Technical corrections include stroke production, serve and volleys.

Fitness includes complete evaluation in four areas, agility, strength, speed and flexibility.

For more details please log in or call 9632229494

Elite Tennis Academy – Bangalore Sarjapur Best Tennis academy 2016

ELITE TENNIS ACADEMY has 6 tennis courts of International standard.


It is located opposite Rainbow Retreat Layout 1.2 km from Wipro corporate office.


  1. Mini Tennis Age group (4 to 6 yrs)
  2. Beginners Tennis Age group (6 to 8 yrs.)
  3. Intermediate Tennis Age group (8 to 12 yrs.)
  4. Tournament Players Above 12 yrs.
  5. Adults Coaching

DATE AND TIMINGS:  02 April 2016    to   02 June 2016

Mornings : 7am to 8 am | 8am to 9 am | 9am to 10 am

Evenings  : 3.30pm to 4.30pm | 4.30pm to 5.30 pm | 5.30pm to 6.30pm



  • Coaching, physical fitness and match play.
  • Balls
  • Feedback to players and school.


 For three days a week one hour each Rs. 2000 per month.

For six days a week one hour each   Rs. 3500 per month.

 Admission only after the evaluation (Registration open from 1 Mar 2016)

Weekend Tennis Tournament – Sarjapur tennis academy Bangalore

ELITE TENNIS ACADEMY in sarjapura road opposite to Rainbow retreat layout is a combined effort of tennis parents and dedicated coaches who have passion for tennis. It was started on 1 Aug 2015 with 6 clay courts of international standard and with a great back up of International tennis federation certified coaches.
It also gives the professional approach for players and parents with general facilities of wash room, parents sitting area and ample parking place. Director Coaching Rajesh Pathania and Rafiq Purati both are certified ITF and NSNIS coaches are in the field of tennis coaching from last fifteen years.
They feel with proper guidance and parental support anything can be achieved in tennis.
About the Weekend tournament : 
 Elite tennis academy has started weekend tournaments for Men’s.21st Nov to 22nd Nov 2015
Men’s :
Above     30 yrs Singles
Above     40 yrs  Singles
combined  Open doubles
Last date of entry is 22  Nov 2015
Entry fees : 
Singles       Rs 500/
Doubles    Rs 600/-
 Draws will be done on Saturday morning(21 Nov 2015)in front of all the players
Matches will be best of 13 or 15 games initially and semi finals and finals will be best of three sets.
Certificate and trophies will be given to the winners and runners up.
For more info please be free to call 9632229494
Send the details of the players at
Let’s make it successful by maximum participation