Coaching Female Tennis Players

Coaches have to understand a wide range of very specific issues in training female tennis players. There are many differences between male and female players but when you see tennis coaches training male and female tennis players, very few differences can be seen.

Technical and tactical differences both in terms of power and performance usually can be seen between female stroke production and male stroke production.

Points the coach has to take into account while training female tennis players.

  1. The coach’s coaching philosophy is main factor of improving female tennis players.
  2. The performance of a player will be achieved only by proper training with neat progressions, timely evaluations and complete feedback to the players because female players are very sensitive and emotional.
  3. A positive and basic principles of training to be adopted and constantly look for ways to improve the training by giving proper teaching aids.
  4. Too much of praise and repeatedly criticism will always have a negative impact on the players performance , keeping this in mind the coach has to be very diplomatic to handle these situations.
  5. Female players are physically weak compare to male players but there way of understanding the things is far better than male players so the coach has to make the things and corrective methods very clear.
  6. Any instructions given to female players should always with respect and politeness as they are very emotional and females react with more sensitivity.

Coach should always encourage the female players to develop self reliance and independence as these qualities will help them to develop their game style, Coach should be always there to listen, understand and provide as much as help as they go through the challenge of putting together the complete package of becoming the tennis player.