ETA Programme to Step towards Professional Tennis

Intensive Training Camp for Tournament Players
It covers training in four major areas.

  • Physical fitness.
  • Technical Corrections.
  • Tactical Corrections.
  • Match play.


 Players between 10 to 14 years – One-hour fitness

  •              Two hours technical drills and corrections in group,
  •              One hour tactical drills with senior coach.
  •              Complete feedback with match play on daily basis.
  •              Weekly two (one to one lesson with senior coach)

Fees per week for below 14 years Rs. 8000/- per week.

Fees per month for below 14 Years Rs. 30000/-per month

 Players above 14 years

  •               One hour twenty mins fitness daily which includes
  •               (Speed, Agility, Endurance and strength)
  •               Total six hours of Technical correction and drills per week.
  •               20 hours of Tactical drills per week.
  •               Match play weekly thrice.
  •               Four one to one lesson with senior coach.

Fees per week for Above 14 years Rs. 10000/- per week.

Fees per month for Above 14 Years Rs. 40000/-per month

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