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Physical Training with a purpose

There are many reasons to train physically with solid basics and a complete program which will surely enhance the game to the next level. A Best tennis player has to work on many areas like Speed, Agility, Strength, Flexibility and Coordination.

1 .We Elite Tennis academy in Sarjapur Bangalore, The Best Tennis academy in Sarjapur Bangalore… can hit a perfect down the line winner or hit a blasting serve only if you are completely fit to be in position to hit a shot. A consistent effort of proper physical training increases confidence to a Tennis Player and allows you to dictate the point in match. Over and above if you are physically fit you will be surely prepared mentally too.

2. To perform at the top level one has to be technically very sound and if you have not trained physically with a consistent program it will surely affect your game because one has to be fit enough to be strong on the technical aspects of the game.

3. Physically fit player who consistently follows a good fitness programme will have very less chances of injuries. The tennis player has to play matches at different surfaces and each surface demands different level of fitness.

4. A tennis player who follows proper fitness training programme will delay fatigue and can perform better in long lasting matches, for which he has to train thoroughly in five areas (Speed, Agility, Endurance, Muscular Strength and Flexibility)

5. Tennis players at the young level have to look after not only the Tennis career but they have to maintain their grades in school level until they turned into professionals. The proper Fitness programme will surely reduces the tired hours after training. They will be ready for the next session with a minimum amount of rest.

To achieve the best fitness level one has to train regularly in proper direction. Before starting any fitness programme one has to go through a complete evaluation so that he or she can come to know what areas he or she has to work, one fitness programme is not enough for every player, specific programme is needed for each to perform at higher level.

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